Whilst in Perth, Australia ...and my first ever 'paint-out'

As am planning another trip over to Australia next week thought would post something which sort of continues on from my blog on my travel from NZ across to Perth last year.  

Quite a long flight across to Perth if flying straight around 7/8 hours.    Decided to break my trip and flew from Auckland across to Sydney, a couple of hours flying and then maybe an hour or so awaiting next flight to Perth, which was then 5 hours.  Good that I did as long flights are just not for me and up and down to exercise and use the 'you know what' weren't for me.

Painting en plein air at Mandurah Plein Air Paintout

Arriving well after 10pm was collected by the lady who offered to look after a stranger in her home for 2 weeks of which I was so appreciative of.  A single lady herself it must have been quite difficult to have a stranger in her home - but believe we did quite well.   We both agreed maybe two weeks a bit long and a break in between would have been great, however, having said this, we were a little 'lost' without one another;s company when I departed and arrived back home.    Wonderfully looked after and cannot say thank you enough to Shirley.

A few days after arrival we both participated in a paint out one hour south of Perth at Mandurah.  First time ever for me taking park in any plein air event - fabulous.   

My first every 'paint-out' and painting accomplished above on the second day,  undertaken looking back at the apartment high-rise and the Arts Centre at Mandurah.  Loved that town and roughly an hour from Perth on superb train.

Whilst in Perth, everyone said I took the NZ weather with me as lots of clouds, which they never have, and heavy rain and black skies.    This day a bit of cloud arrived, a chilly wind and later dark rain clouds.   And the sun of course came out, and definitely not complaining as enjoyed myself so very much.


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