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The colours of Perth

I mentioned previously the colours Perth displayed in its glory.      The sea turquoise, emerald, azure, and list can go on.    Decided to take a day and travel down to Rottenest Island, one hour south from Perth, and across by ferry from Freemantle.

Walked from the ferry across to information centre, bought ticket for local bus which takes tourists around the island.  Once fare paid, was able to stay on the bus as long as I wished - and I wished!   Far too cold and windy, and was thoroughly enjoyable as took many photos from the bus and second time around knew what was coming up in order to have the camera at the ready.

Again the wind was up.   Terribly cold and quite a breeze.   The ferry across to the island was fine and a bit of up and down, but... oh my goodness coming back another story.   We went up, down, banged down, rolled and water coming over.   All ok even on a very fully booked vessel and must say was very glad to put my feet back onto hard concrete.   Was told it ca…

Whilst in Perth, Australia ...and my first ever 'paint-out'

As am planning another trip over to Australia next week thought would post something which sort of continues on from my blog on my travel from NZ across to Perth last year.  

Quite a long flight across to Perth if flying straight around 7/8 hours.    Decided to break my trip and flew from Auckland across to Sydney, a couple of hours flying and then maybe an hour or so awaiting next flight to Perth, which was then 5 hours.  Good that I did as long flights are just not for me and up and down to exercise and use the 'you know what' weren't for me.

Arriving well after 10pm was collected by the lady who offered to look after a stranger in her home for 2 weeks of which I was so appreciative of.  A single lady herself it must have been quite difficult to have a stranger in her home - but believe we did quite well.   We both agreed maybe two weeks a bit long and a break in between would have been great, however, having said this, we were a little 'lost' without …

Such a long time absent ...

Having now come back to Blogger after considerable time away.... I cannot believe that five months have actually passed.     It seems impossible, totally ridiculous and absolutely not at all possible - but it is true five months !!!

After my previous postings and participating in the challenge of 30 a day for 30 days, had an opportunity to depart the shores of New Zealand and fly across our Tasman Sea to Australia.   To Perth.    Had never been there to stay, only passed through the airport - it was amazing, fantastic and wonderful.    If you have never visited, then from an artist's point of view it was all those things - colours so bright and clear, with the ocean turquoise, azure, emerald and the rest.    Gorgeous.

Traveled over to undertake a workshop and stayed with lovely lady also an artist, who put up with me for two weeks and took me all around like a tourist (which of course I was). 

Did not wish to return back home - everyone saying come back and live here as best plac…