The colours of Perth

I mentioned previously the colours Perth displayed in its glory.      The sea turquoise, emerald, azure, and list can go on.    Decided to take a day and travel down to Rottenest Island, one hour south from Perth, and across by ferry from Freemantle.

The beautiful waters surrounding Perth.
This one taken whilst traveling around Rottenest Island.
Walked from the ferry across to information centre, bought ticket for local bus which takes tourists around the island.  Once fare paid, was able to stay on the bus as long as I wished - and I wished!   Far too cold and windy, and was thoroughly enjoyable as took many photos from the bus and second time around knew what was coming up in order to have the camera at the ready.

One of the beautiful beaches at Rottenest.

Again the wind was up.   Terribly cold and quite a breeze.   The ferry across to the island was fine and a bit of up and down, but... oh my goodness coming back another story.   We went up, down, banged down, rolled and water coming over.   All ok even on a very fully booked vessel and must say was very glad to put my feet back onto hard concrete.   Was told it can get very bad and the boat had to pull out of harbour and sit out the storm/wind for several hours a little while back.    Thank goodness that was not us - have to own up to being a not very good sailor in those conditions.    In spite of the bumps coming back was a great journey and then back to that lovely electric train and home.

Just had to take this photo inside of electric train to show what
all the electric trains I traveled on were like. Such a pleasure.


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