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Emergence of 2018

Well this is it, another year, and totally impossible to absorb that we are already through 1/4 of the year !!!

Everyone is saying it and everyone is thinking it - where is time disappearing??   Not just the oldies anymore, young at school all saying the same.   Makes me think my science fiction books are starting to come true - well every other thing used to read is happening so why not that.

Anyway, continuing to go out painting and although not posting for a while - still painting.

Here is one have recently undertaken up on the North Shore of Auckland at Arkles Bay. Showing a progression from blank to completed.   Oils on oil paper 9x19inches (23x49cms)

Shocking winter, exceedingly hot summer and now, just right.   Hoping this weather will hold out and we can all enjoy our plein air days out painting at some fantastic locations.  Was out with the Auckland Plein Air Group in NZ.  (