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Days 9, 10, 11, of 30 in 30 - roses from my garden

Today in NZ is Thursday 12th January (remember we are a day ahead of USA - 11th there), and no paintings posted today  as could not paint at all yesterday - had dental appointment the day before 10th - tooth extraction and bit of other stuff.  Am total coward so under anaesthetic, and always given extra bit by dentist as seem to wake up and normal amount not strong enough - this time... boy oh boy... friend collected me and took me to her place I crashed onto a bed and woke 5 hours later !    Took me home again to crash again and sleep.   So whole day completely gone.

Yesterday still tired, however, given a couple of herbal tablets by my friend seemed to have given me a pep up but still not in mood to paint - must be the anaesthetic - think an age thing.   However, instead of a painting, thought some roses taken from those blooming in my garden may make up for lack of last few days in posting.

Day 5 of 30 of 30 - Mountain snow - blues

Title:  "Mountain Snow - blues"  

Goodness, undertaking this 30 in 30 definitely sends the days whizzing past !    Cannot believe now on day 5 and almost one week gone of the New Year.

Used to hear that when one gets older the days go faster, however, this is true, but... also true that days are going faster for everyone, even those at school.

Above - my oil all painting  for day 5.    Oil on loose canvas, all knife painting, which I thoroughly enjoy using.   Always looks terrible when starting out, but gets better as painting goes on.    Tried to paint this one in as short as time I could and with knife painting there is so much paint is consequently difficult to go over so has to develop as I go along.

Day 4 of 30 in 30 - Mountain stream

Title:  "Mountain stream"  

Another day, and onto the 4th oil painting.     Part of a larger painting which is 36x24inches on stretched canvas.

The stream and rocks was finishing today and this is close up (cropped area) of that painting.

Day 3 of 30 in 30 days - Magnolia - mauve

Title:  "Magnolia - mauve"  

This is the third day of Leslie Saeta's art challenge of completing one painting a day for 30 days.   So... here we are again.    This time, quite a rush as have been out most of the day and needed to get on to complete this oil.     

Measures 18 x 24 inches.    This is an oil in the style of Bob Ross, a well known USA artist, who sadly is now no longer with us.   Had started this the other day, and now completed.

Day 2 of 30 in 30 days - Mountain Height - dark sky

Title:  "Mountain Height - dark sky"  

Second day's painting for the 30 in 30.    Rainy, grey, miserable day out today and so hard to actually make oneself paint, especially as had decided to sort out all the 'stuff' one has as an artist.

Really have to sort out all the 'stuff' I have and make room.  So decided was time for the middle bedroom to become a bedroom again - half completed, bed re-arranged, items thrown, items moved/stored - and now a lot more room.  Although do think it was actually moved from one place to another to sort... at least on the way to becoming a room looking like a bedroom.

Stopped,the sorting and ...  out with paints/canvas, paint knife and brushes... and painting completed.

Day 1 of 30 in 30 days-with Leslie Saeta challenge - January 2017

Title:  "Turquoise Sea"

Thought this time am actually making myself paint something each day which am able to post, or perhaps make something.    Have tried prior and participated and days missed, as life seems to interrupt.  

This is a regular event started, and held, by Leslie Saeta.    So.... here we go.     This time making that effort to actually do so - even if at night !

Am so fortunate in that, being in New Zealand, we are ahead of the US and other countries.   Today is actually 2nd January -  whereas in US/others is the 1st.     Consequently day 1, over there, and am taking that time frame as the same for myself.  Good thing really as was out all day yesterday until quite late and would not have been able to undertake.

So.... bearing in mind my 2nd January is really 1st January in US, above is first day's painting for the 30 in 30.  Painted on board in oil.  Approx 8x12inches.   I emphasised the colour in image editing software and quite pleased with the colour…

2017 here --- 2016 disappeared

Cannot believe 2016 disappeared in a complete rush!   Now the beginning of a brand new era for all of us.    Do so hope everyone's year will be a healthy one, with happiness and all wishes coming true.

Went out for a drive on the 1st January to various beaches and a couple of images are shown below.

Could not believe the amount of people where there used to be hardly any - as the spots were sort of secret little places.    Just shows the amount of people now coming into Auckland and 'spreading out'.