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Painting in the South Island, Glenorchy - Aug to Sept 2016

Late August visiting New Zealand's wonderful southern part, to Glenorchy.

As I am arranging future workshops with a wonderful artist down our South Island, John Crump, decided to arrange a small workshop for three others, and to attend myself to see the 'lay of the land', so to speak and also attend with the others to go out painting with John Crump.

Incredible time had down south Island and for once we actually had great weather there, when Auckland had rain and cold.     How strange.   But that is what am told regularly from those living in Glenorchy.
Below are a few images take from our accommodation down there.  Volcano at bottom is from plane on the way back to Auckland - fantastic view flying over the top.

If you would like to come and paint with us in the north or south islands out on location 'en plein air' please do contact.