About Me

My oil paintings are intended to take viewers to a world of peace and serenity, long past - to a world away from today's exceedingly fast and complex environment, to a time prior to the intrusion of man.

Born in Richmond, London, Surrey, England, moving to White Hart Lane on the river, and then to Barnes. When a young child my parents decided to move to New Zealand, where I now reside. Was told I had always loved to draw even before I could walk, apparently using my mother's lipstick on just about everything!

Painting on a full-time basis. My work has appeared in calendars and on Television New Zealand's Praise Be programme. Paintings have been purchased by many corporate organisations as well as private individuals around the globe as well as New Zealand. Among whom are oil companies in Texas, a castle in Britain, wedding in Hong Kong, corporate office in Tokyo, home in the Hampton's, beach front penthouse on the Gold Coast, luxury liner, business office in the Cayman Islands, London solicitors, as well as large medical insurers in New Zealand.

Undertaken in a more traditional basis, with many layers applied and also using palette knives, my oils take a while to complete, as each layer needs to dry, prior to applying the next.

Recently have taken to the wonderful world of 'en plein air painting', French wording meaning to paint in the open air.


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