Day 1 of 30 in 30 days-with Leslie Saeta challenge - January 2017

Title:  "Turquoise Sea"

Thought this time am actually making myself paint something each day which am able to post, or perhaps make something.    Have tried prior and participated and days missed, as life seems to interrupt.  

This is a regular event started, and held, by Leslie Saeta.    So.... here we go.     This time making that effort to actually do so - even if at night !

Oil on board. 8x12inches. "Turquoise Sea"

Am so fortunate in that, being in New Zealand, we are ahead of the US and other countries.   Today is actually 2nd January -  whereas in US/others is the 1st.     Consequently day 1, over there, and am taking that time frame as the same for myself.  Good thing really as was out all day yesterday until quite late and would not have been able to undertake.

So.... bearing in mind my 2nd January is really 1st January in US, above is first day's painting for the 30 in 30.  Painted on board in oil.  Approx 8x12inches.   I emphasised the colour in image editing software and quite pleased with the colour that has occurred.


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