Saturday, 7 January 2017

Day 6 of 30 in 30 - West coast

Title:  "West Coast"  

Leslie Saeta's twice a year 30 in 30 painting challenge.   Paint a painting each day for 30 days.   Managed to paint another small oil today, early a.m., as need to complete paintings awaiting finishing touches so can get them out to galleries.

Did this, then not happy with it, as was over the top of another painting, on canvas I had cut off stretcher bars, and then cut into segments to paint on when in the mood.

Oil painting with knife (and fingers!) 12x12 inches (30x30cms)

Left a lot of the colours from original artwork, ie the pinks in the sky, and lots of blue in the water, then had to think on what to do for the darker bits in middle and on left.  Remember having seen the rough coastline along south island's west coast when coming back on the coach from Queenstown - consequently the cliffs appeared.   .

Not quite to what I had in mind when starting - well, that's not really true as had no idea of what to paint, started with fields, which looked terrible so wiped off.  Started again and this was starting to take a form. 

Can live with this as had never aspired to painting cliffs and rough water prior to this and, as was completed quite quickly using my fabulous favourite knife and lots of' finger' smudging, thinking really did not turn out not so bad after all.   Did go back to it and add more white water.    Now so much paint will take months to dry probably !

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