Day 5 of 30 of 30 - Mountain snow - blues

Title:  "Mountain Snow - blues"  

Goodness, undertaking this 30 in 30 definitely sends the days whizzing past !    Cannot believe now on day 5 and almost one week gone of the New Year.

Used to hear that when one gets older the days go faster, however, this is true, but... also true that days are going faster for everyone, even those at school.

Knife painting. Oil on loose canvas. 10 x 12 inches. (26x30cms).

Above - my oil all painting  for day 5.    Oil on loose canvas, all knife painting, which I thoroughly enjoy using.   Always looks terrible when starting out, but gets better as painting goes on.    Tried to paint this one in as short as time I could and with knife painting there is so much paint is consequently difficult to go over so has to develop as I go along.


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