Days 9, 10, 11, of 30 in 30 - roses from my garden

Today in NZ is Thursday 12th January (remember we are a day ahead of USA - 11th there), and no paintings posted today  as could not paint at all yesterday - had dental appointment the day before 10th - tooth extraction and bit of other stuff.  Am total coward so under anaesthetic, and always given extra bit by dentist as seem to wake up and normal amount not strong enough - this time... boy oh boy... friend collected me and took me to her place I crashed onto a bed and woke 5 hours later !    Took me home again to crash again and sleep.   So whole day completely gone.

Yesterday still tired, however, given a couple of herbal tablets by my friend seemed to have given me a pep up but still not in mood to paint - must be the anaesthetic - think an age thing.   However, instead of a painting, thought some roses taken from those blooming in my garden may make up for lack of last few days in posting.

Soft white/pale pink rose

Georgeous pink/red rose
Old fashioned briar rose

Pale lavendar/pink rose
Velvet red rose
Scarlet edged yellow rose


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