Such a long time absent ...

Having now come back to Blogger after considerable time away.... I cannot believe that five months have actually passed.     It seems impossible, totally ridiculous and absolutely not at all possible - but it is true five months !!!

Rottenest Island, just off Perth.

After my previous postings and participating in the challenge of 30 a day for 30 days, had an opportunity to depart the shores of New Zealand and fly across our Tasman Sea to Australia.   To Perth.    Had never been there to stay, only passed through the airport - it was amazing, fantastic and wonderful.    If you have never visited, then from an artist's point of view it was all those things - colours so bright and clear, with the ocean turquoise, azure, emerald and the rest.    Gorgeous.

Traveled over to undertake a workshop and stayed with lovely lady also an artist, who put up with me for two weeks and took me all around like a tourist (which of course I was). 

Did not wish to return back home - everyone saying come back and live here as best place in Australia to live.    I believed every word they said and definitely wished to remain.

Well.. the story can go on, but will leave for the next visit .


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