Work undertaken by students from classes

Thought would post something totally different.  I used to teach oils to beginners at a step by step process and the actual beginning of oils - difference in quality, makes, consistency, mixing colours/greys, tonal palettes, golden rule, notan values etc.    Unfortunately lost the ability to use the premises and nothing is available close to me, other than very expensive hourly basis facilities (including council buildings! - they are the worst!).

During some of the terms attendees undertook Old Master artwork with grisaille and glazing.  Thought I would post a couple of works here.

Below undertaken by beginners, who showed a need to 'listen' and 'take in' everything shown. Although these are not finished paintings, as still require shadows etc, am proud of what was achieved. by those who attended and undertook this process, and each was ecstatic at their completed art (unfortunately images of finished items were not taken - all thrilled with what was achieved we forgot to take).


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