The start of a new year - 2015

1.   My computer decided it did not wish to recognise me anymore - and oh my goodness...   how on earth have we come to rely so heavily on a machine that transmits information to and thro from country to country, just for us to promote, watch, see, and of course, learn - Found I was quite lost without.  However, onto brighter things.  PC is now uninstalled, reinstalled and away we go again.  

2.  Spent a few days away at Manukau Heads - painting of course.   Ross Whitlock from Nelson (artist down there) visited and stayed up here and out painting in group together.  Picture below.

The new year is here and this is going to be such a positive, healthy, wonderful, successful and all wishes coming true year for everyone.   Positive thinking brings positive results as they say.

Am working on couple of oils, one very large (over 48" tall) and the other smaller around 30" wide.  Will post later when completed.

Been on a couple of trips out and about

2014, 30th December was at Botany (Flat Bush) painting St Pauls Anglican Church. - This Church celebrated the 150 years in 2011. It was forced to close in 2000 after the congregation dropped to just three members. Bishop John Paterson reopened the church in 2003 as the East Tamaki Mission, effectively starting from scratch. Very large amount of money spent on upgrading and now sits proudly overlooking all the modern development around it.

Hard to paint, as decided to paint very close to building, the sun was so bright it reflected off the weatherboard walls of church - however, had fantastic time and completely 'hooked' on painting on location (en plein aire).


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