Friday, 9 January 2015

No.9 of 30 days Challenge - Valley mist-snow capped mountains

Started on this every early in the day and wished to make a nice painting so took my time, however, had a few hiccups and needed to repaint several times the sky and mountain with mist until I was happy with it.   Then worked a bit more on the mist and the bush.   Sort of ok.   Still more I would like to do.    But as it is quite late - enough is enough.  Who knows what I shall think later.    Anyhow has to thoroughly dry prior to next stage, otherwise painting oil over tacky sort of drying oil could make the painting crack later on - something I definitely do not wish for.

Today disappeared and completed quite late in evening.

Painting No.9.  9th Jan.
Valley Mist, Snow capped Mountains, 30" x 15" oil on stretched canvas.

Really worked hard on this one, early morn and late at night as well as getting finished for the 30 day challenge, wished to have saleable item at the end.   As said above still a few things need to do, but happy at this stage.

Was hot again, and have had itchy bumps appear on my arms, itching like crazy.  Has anyone else had this? as really driving me 'around the bend'.  Remembered I had Aloe Gel from years ago, went and hunted it out of the bottom drawer in bathroom, found, applied... and oh what a relief, so cool, refreshing and the itch stopped.   But... have had to repeat several times during the day.    Once had this many years ago.   

Definitely do not envy those who suffer from the heat and have this type of thing happen to them!  I really did not think I felt the heat having lived in hot countries and not averse to humid weather, however, must be an age thing as really affecting me at present.

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