No.6 of 30 in 30 Days Challenge - Bridge at Richmond, Surrey, England

This one a day painting and ensuring I also write the blog up with picture of artwork is already becoming quite a difficult thing to get myself used to.   Being a morning person, need to start painting early, if not - then unable to do so at all.    Today was sorting out bits at home and did not get onto picking up a brush until late pm - and, of course, then needed to undertake a painting for this challenge.   Am persevering and being only day 6 have a heck of a long way to go.

Am giving myself a very limited timeframe on completing each one of these, again pushing myself as a challenge for each one's completion.  Plus to paint so small is completely new to me.

Painting No.6.  6th Jan.
Bridge at Richmond, Surrey, England.   5"x7" Oil on Board.

Today's was a bridge which I had photographed whilst in Richmond, London (my favorite place). Painted with a limited palette of 3 colours, ultramarine blue, perm.rose and yellow plus white of course.

I do not draw first, simply go right in and start painting and this applies to all my paintings.   This one is the smallest size yet.   Yet, really enjoyed completing.  The day was very grey, overcast, rainy and cold.   Maybe a larger one later on?  By the way if you notice the right part of bridge going up slightly, it did do this.  Not my crookedness with brush!

Am not sure if I am actually enjoying thinking up what to paint the reason being am trying to challenge myself to paint items which I would not normally undertake. Giving myself a very short timeframe on completing each one of these, again pushing myself as an added challenge to each one.


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