Monday, 5 January 2015

No.5 of 30 in 30 Days Challenge - White Dog Roses

Out painting with the Plein Air Group in Auckland, at the Parnell Rose Gardens.   Gorgeous spot, lots and lots of roses.   They had gone through their first bloom and were coming into a second - so some wonderful colours and shapes.

My fifth painting was undertaken here, again being a small size.  Getting used to painting small from my normal mountains of around 40 - 60 inches.  Undertook a quick one first, then worked on the White Dog Roses 2 next.   Have never painted in such a loose style, tho quite pleased with result being a first for me.  Had to be adjusted back in studio, due to my dropping painting and smudging left side - seem to have a bit of a thing at the moment of having to retouch, after placing my foot on the last one!

Painting No.5.  5th Jan. (1 of 2)
White dog roses 2. 8"x12" Oil on Board.

White dog roses 1. 8"x12" Oil on Board.  below is first one painted. I always do a quick one to sort of get me used to what I wish to paint. Trying a very loose style.Loose is difficult, especially after having undertaken detailed animal portraits. Painted with a limited palette of 3 colours, ultramarine blue, perm.rose and yellow plus white of course.

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