Sunday, 4 January 2015

No.4 of 30 in 30 Days Challenge - Inward Tide (2)

Beautiful day today, not a cloud in the sky, temperature around the 25C mark, very hot and also humid.  Bird baths had dried up and needed to fill these up plus water the poor plants which seemed very droopy after only missing only one day of no hose.

Had a great day painting.  Worked on a gallery piece, and then painted three small paintings from 6"x8" up to 12".   Gave myself between half an hour and an hour each one.  After a few minor stops for coffee, which kept getting cold, so another refill made ... (Note to self: Must stop drinking coffee, as all I seem to do is make a cup, then paint and forget entirely about drinking it.  May as well throw the coffee down the drain!)

Painting No.4.  4th Jan (1 of 2).
Inward Tide - 6"x8" Oil on Board.(posted at 29 on leslie's blog).

And then a few phone calls from people.  Why I never get calls when I am not painting, cannot quite work out, always seem to be when 'in the zone'.  Maybe should leave and not answer, but then again, would have to check messages later.   However... one phone conversation and went to stand up, forgot my little painting below was on the floor and yes... one foot stood on the oil.   Not in the middle, but still about 3inches of it.  Frustration probably not the right word I was thinking at the time.   After a little while and carefully hobbling on one foot to get paint off toes etc, board was fixed and cannot see damage of 'footprint'.  Luckily I paint with oils.

Thought would post the other one also. Each undertaken with a limited palette of 3 colours, ultramarine blue, perm.rose and yellow plus white of course.

Golden Wave.  8"x12" Oil on Board.

Shall photograph the other small 6x8 tomorrow as evening arrived and unable to do so due to light.


  1. Nice waves, good,sense of movement. Mine did not turn out so well!

    1. Hi Marion, you are my first comment on a new blog (brand new to blogging). Thank you for for commenting. All paintings are a learning curve, and finding loose painting quite difficult to my traditional work. Thanks again.