Friday, 30 January 2015

No.30 of 30 Days Challenge - Southern land - back in time (gallery piece)

Wow, here we are 30 days later.  Two images posting today.
I started this thinking it would be quite hard to do, and have found it to be sort of easy, but sort of hard.    The difficult bit really is spending the time sitting to do small paintings to post online, as I have my large gallery pieces to finish and am not giving them the time which is required.
Therefore decided to start on a new oil which will be for galleries, still needs more work - on easel and needs to dry prior to the next stage.    However, as lots of work gone into this one, think I can post it as my number 30.  This has been posted at image number 265 on Leslie Saeta's blog of '30 paintings in 30 days'.

Painting No.30.  30th Jan.
Southern land - back in time.  12"x16" Oil on canvas board.

Thought I would show one of my early sunset pieces... It does have the copyright on top, as was not able to locate the one without.

Today just now I also posted on my blog one of my mountains.  This I uploaded to my Face book page (link on right) as part of the post 3 for 5 days challenge I have been nominated to take part in.   My intention is to undertake probably about 5 really good oils and then have these available for viewing by new gallery owner.  May take a little while as my 'good' oils do take ages to complete due to drying time.

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