No.29 of 30 Days Challenge - Park at Dusk

Whew.  Another scorching day.   No rain in sight.  Fires in South Island and firefighters are having very hard time down there, with others joining from around the country to help out.

Well... two days to go.    Yes, does say 30 days, however, January has 31 - so shall keep going to the end of month.   This is photo I took whilst in London.  Dreadful... but lost my images - deleted one and by mistake did all of them!.    Oh well, guess we all do this once in our lives and if you have don done yet, just be careful as it just may happen to you - which I hope it does not of course.

Painting No.29.  29th Jan.
Park at Dusk.  10" x 11" Oil on heavy duty canvas on board.



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