No.27 of 30 Days Challenge - Homeward track

Start of the day, again on computer, and then putting everything away which I had left in the van yesterday as was just too tired to unpack.

Again another day without rain, very, very hot and this time very humid, which is something I normally do not feel.  Started my painting number 27 for posting for the Challenge - only a few more days to go, and simply cannot believe one month since starting.   Again, said it before so many times, but this year, my goodness is every day fast disappearing.

Painting No.27.  27th Jan.
Homeward track. 10" x 12" Oil on board.

Again three colours used, plus white, and two brushes.   Tried to keep this loose, slowly getting there step by step, but still have to hold myself back from details and too realistic.  Posted at image number 294 on the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge page.



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