Saturday, 24 January 2015

No.24 of 30 Days Challenge - Pinks and Mauves

This I must admit is becoming quite difficult.  Challenge is definitely the word for the 30 paintings in 30 days, I am participating in.   Again, completed this painting quite late in the day and the photography bit at night is impossible.    

Oil, something different. Tried my hand at painting really loose and lots of flowers, sort of blended together.  I am going crazy, so much organising of other things, that forgot to post this and saw the image space was 'blank'  - mad as a hatter I think I am going - or probably already there!   Anyway, here it is now.

Painting No.24.  24th Jan.
Pinks and Mauves.  10" x 12"  oil on board.

Today spent again on computer, even though we had the most tremendous summer day.  Again so very hot.   No rain and the ground is brown, grass dying and really do not know how the plants are surviving.   Down the south island there are terrible fires and believe arsonists are responsible. Firemen exhausted and fires keep burning.  Sounds like Australia, as they have had heat up to the 50degrees Celsius recently - a record for them.    Getting hotter and hotter there.


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