Friday, 23 January 2015

No.23 of 30 Days Challenge - New Zealand Foreshore - Gentle Water

Out today, such a crazily busy day. Wishing to make the most of our summer yet unable to do so as lots of little things to be undertaken as necessities of life.  Very simple painting today, meant to be calming and relaxed image.

Painting No.23.  23rd Jan.
New Zealand foreshore - Gentle Water.  12" x 12"  oil on board.

Things to do today ...
first off must water all plants, as so dry no rain yet they are fading fast, then drop washing off at Laundromat (still no washing machine when my one decided it was elderly enough to just give up) this works out fine, as saves so many backwards and forwards checking machine and then hanging out to dry, and then taking in and folding - all done at the Laundromat and I just need to remember to pick it up, bring home - all beautifully soft, folded and immaculately packed into laundry basket read for me to place into cupboard.   That's it, saves a lot of time.

Then to exercises (3x week with a friend in the park), next quickly home freshen up, then out to pick up tubes oil paint, pay bill prior to picking up paints, collecting jacket which was borrowed by someone and left for me to collect, obtaining four white box frames from framers, enquiring on printing costs for posters for the plein air group, remember to collect washing, drop off some things to the Hospice and... then .... hopefully finally home. 

To start computer, check emails, check meetup plein air group site, check Facebook (mine plus plein air pages), paint my painting for number 23, and update blog.  Whew - busy, busy.    It would be so so nice to have another half to do all the little bits, and me to just paint.   Ahh a perfect world for me - but perhaps not.  Oh, forgot to mention have to design poster to be printed tomorrow, and the lawns need mowing again!    And there we go... another day passes.

Seem to be lots dropping off as we are past the half-way post as was in the 400's if I posted in the morning, now my image is last to be posted at present - image 275 on Leslie Saeta's Challenge Blog.


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