Thursday, 22 January 2015

No.22 of 30 Days Challenge - Full tide

Worked on my gallery paintings today, the two large ones.   Need to wait for them to dry and then can add next 'bits'.    Long process when doing layers on layers.

Had  a spur of the moment want to do.   This time have undertaken another seascape (what else is there I think?).    Thought would give myself under 30 minutes and do small one, very loose with one brush (my 1 inch) with bright colours (again) and lots of movement.    Am trying to get loose in my work, hopefully, this one has actually achieved that.    Quite pleased with it, as only took 15 - 30 minutes.   However, is a small piece, so really not that difficult I guess, except I found it was due to fact not used to painting small or such a loose style.

Painting No.22.  22nd Jan.
Full tide. 8" x 10" Oil on board.

Again, just the three colours used and this time one brush (1").



  1. Love the bright colors! Excellent! Small paintings are nice to do as well every now and then.

    1. Thanks for your great comment. Found the little paintings very difficult in beginning as was so used to extremely large paintings. Now quite enjoying.