Wednesday, 21 January 2015

No.21 of 30 Days Challenge - Matakawau by boat ramp

Wednesday morning and up to day 21.  Yes, have another painting to undertake, however, really have to get on and make myself set up studio easel and finish off the large studio pieces I have sitting here in my lounge.  Am constantly looking at them, but have not had inclination to pick up a brush and complete.

One is just under six feet wide and approximately 20" tall.    The other about 50" tall and 36" wide.  So quite large ones. Both mountains, and both need to have that 'extra' done on them.  I need to be in the right mood and have in my head roughly what those 'extra' bits will be.  .

Painting No.21.  21st Jan.
Matakawau by boat ramp. 10" x 8" Oil on board.

Completed the Challenge oil.  Taken from a plein air study. Used some bold colours on this one

Late this afternoon made a start on the long narrow mountain oil.  I cannot believe this, but ... within just a short time (around 15 minutes) I completed going over the entire mountain range with one large brush and it looks fabulous.   I have never said that about a painting before, but I am definitely impressed.  

Just goes to show, taking one's time and being finicky produces tight work, and with the plein air I am undertaking and only three colours used, plus only 2-3 brushes, my work has improved dramatically and hopefully becoming loose.

Note to oneself... Remember to take a step by step photo and post up when completed.


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