Friday, 2 January 2015

No.2 of 30 in 30 Days Challenge - West Coast

Today the 2nd January, another painting to be completed for the 30 day challenge.

Was not tired last night after painting the first painting for this challenge, so decided to start in the early hours to paint this second one, and consequently late to bed - somewhere around 3 a.m.     Not good, as said to myself this would be a year where I would get my 8-9 hours sleep!
Not sure what happened - but at least I have now accomplished my second painting for the second day of this challenge, even though a little 'rough'.

Painting No.2.  2nd Jan.
West Coast, oil on board 8"x12".  

Brightened up considerably the cliffs to add more colour.   As said above, quick painting early hours of this morning.

Oh well, enough of art for an hour and on to necessity of mowing the lawn (yes, know it is New Year, but now the 2nd and the hot sun, and damp evenings are making those weeds grow, in fact can probably hear them getting taller).    Out tomorrow painting at Karaka Bridge. Looking forward to that.

Maybe it will be completed and able to be used as my third painting?   Shall wait and see.  Painted with a limited palette of 3 colours, ultramarine blue, perm.rose and yellow plus white of course.

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