No.19 of 30 days Challenge - The Three Sisters

Missed posting this last night.  Here is No. 19 of the painting a day for 30 days challenge.

Small bright painting of NZ.  These are rock formations which have been worn away with weather and tides.   Third is no longer there.   Apparently the second upright also may not have long before it also disappears. Back to my familiar territory with this one.

Painting No.19.  19th Jan.
The three sisters.  5" x 7" oil on board.

Will place this in a white box frame, with white mat around and will give a modern and attractive look.
Posted at image 196 on Challenge Page.


  1. Thanks for the number (196) I found it. There are so many wonderful new thumbnail paintings in her blog every day that we get lost. :)

    Love the blue feel in today's painting. What a great idea to paint this scene. You have an inspiring landscape in NZ.

  2. Do appreciate your comments. Thank you. Thought would be good to put the number in, as also lets people follow and view work by others. Yes, our landscape is rather inspiring, but then again I look at other countries and tend to think the same of those.

  3. Beautiful sense of movement in the waves. Love the variety of the rocks, that add so much to the composition

    1. Carlene, thank your for your great comment. Do appreciate.


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