Sunday, 18 January 2015

No.18 of 30 Days Challenge - Fruit and Glass

Sunday, another super day, not a cloud in the sky.    Please please let this weather last a while longer. Needed to start on a fresh painting for today.   Another... what shall I paint day.  Seeing I have to do something totally different than I have prior (my challenge to myself), thought would try my hand at some fruit in a bowl. Only had a few hours as had to be out for day plus evening.

This is the basis of a painting as there is still a lot to be done to it. Will let it dry and hopefully will turn out fine later on when added to. (Being in a rush, possibly why the accident with easel occurred - see below.)  However, as I needed to complete something each day am posting.  Really do not think this kind of still life is for me but... we all need to do items to take us out of our comfort zones and this challenge is definitely achieving this for me.

Painting No.18.  18th Jan.
Fruit and glass.  8"x10".  Oil on board.

Just could not get enthusiastic, was such a hot day and only had couple hours.  Had to try to remember to keep loose and not very detailed, found this hard to do.  Needed to add shadows/darks/highlights, but enough was enough for today.  Just cleaning up brushes etc,  about to photograph when easel falls - I was not in time to catch - damage? Yes.   Fell over and hit a wonderfully deep black frame with glass I was about to use for something else, dented the bottom middle edge.  Will use touch of black paint on it to try and disguise the cut, but still will have dent in.  Darn, darn and darn again.

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