Wednesday, 14 January 2015

No.14 of 30 days Challenge - Wattle Bay, Summer Days

Am packing art into the van to have a wonderful drive down to the beach on a glorious sunny, hot, cloudless day again to paint on location (plein air).  Up to 14 of 30 today, just about half way through this challenge and really cannot believe I have managed to complete a painting each day - marvelous.

Painting No.14.  14th Jan.
Wattle Bay, Summer Days,  11"x14" oil on board plein air.

A day like we used to get every day in summer, not a cloud in the sky, very hot, with a gentle breeze every now and then to keep one cool.   Started this oil at the beach, deserted with only occasional visitors.  Completed late evening whilst relaxing after dinner.  The sea was actually this colour, quite gorgeous, not so typical of NZ usually though.

Posted at 380 in the 30 in 30 Day Challenge.

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