No.12 of 30 days Challenge - Old Building

Today, the twefth day of the challenge.  No idea of what to paint.  Went through some photographs on my external pc drive, but could not decide.  Then went off onto the web ...

Found a blog which I thought was fantastic which would give me enthusiasm to undertake items I would never normally do, which is exactly what I am trying at present to undertake.   Found what I wanted and completed oil by 9pm.

Painting No.12.  12th Jan.
Old building, 8" x 10" oil on board.

Again,was evening with bad lighting of fluorescent lights therefore unable to do at night, wait till morning.  All now done. As usual a few bits I now can see should finish off but will leave till future to do or not to do.  Really enjoyed painting this one. Probably due to the old bridge and the Sun Inn paintings of last few days, also as result of plein air.  Has given me an enthusiasm to actually 'get on' and paint anything.  Quite pleased with this result.     Posted at image 192 in the challenge.


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