No.11 of 30 days Challenge - The Sun Inn, Barnes, London

Up to day 11 of the Challenge. This image is little bit brighter in colouring as wished to give very 'bright' look to it, however, turned out a little more bright in photo also.  Feel like a few little tidy ups need to be completed, but guess noone else will see what I see.  If have time I shall do in future, otherwise - just leave alone.    A learning curve for me, as this style of painting is so unusual for me, and determined to keep on undertaking - another challenge.  Oh, and then had left my brushes out in the car, only had two with me (was painting in the dining room as late again) - so... two brushes later and three colours, completed the oil below.

Painting No.11.  11th Jan.
The Sun Inn, Barnes, London, 7½" x 10½" oil on board

Today, being Sunday, was intended to just relax, something which I have not done for such a long time as do not seem to take a day away from art, computer, garden or... something.

You guessed it - this did not work out.   Woke up late with sun shining and a super hot beautiful day, which continued through with clear blue skies and birds chirping all day long.     What did I do?   Yes, there it was ... the computer!  

By the way, Dick Turpin used to visit the Sun Inn, in the days of highway robberies (many many years ago of course), pity the website for the inn does not display history - but then again, wonder if the owners realise - passed down from my great great grandmother and all the stories, long forgotten now unfortunately.

Above posted on Leslie Saeta's blog 30 in 30 days challenge at image no.22.  Link here.


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