No.10 of 30 days Challenge - Panmure Yacht Club

Out this morning with the Plein Air Group in Auckland to Panmure.   Placed ourselves and unpacked gear on waterfront by the Panmure Yacht Club.

Super day, lovely sunshine, bit cloudy, then breeze constantly.  Which was problem as had to keep holding the easel whilst painting.  

Painting No.10.  10th Jan.
Panmure Yacht Club  11" x 14" oil on board.


  1. I've just gone thru to see your paintings for the challenge. Lovely!!! This one has such a glow to the sky.

    1. thank you Joan. Am new to this type of thing, plus blogging! Appreciate your comment.

  2. Oh, beautiful plein air! I'm glad to hear you have a group to paint with, around here there is none. Painting outside is such enjoyment.

    1. Thanks. Yes, as you say, plein air is so good - to paint outside is enjoyment. Started a group on web, as home chores always came in the way. By doing so, have no choice as am organising and love it - Thank you for commenting.


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