Saturday, 17 January 2015

No. 17 of 30 Days Challenge - Eggshells and Bowl

Being Saturday, decided to spend morning painting, and then into the garden to dig out that awful grass weed that seems to have appeared in patches all over my lawn.  Lovely in a beach place or somewhere that looks after itself as always stays green no matter how dry our weather.  But... I have mercury bay in my lawn and do not wish to lose this.

Painting No.17.  17th Jan.
Eggshells and Bowl.  8"x10".  Oil on board.

This time some eggshells with a pot. Haven't done either before so thought would give it a go.

Whilst painting above, could not believe my ears but was that rain I heard?  Plus temperature cooling down?  Yes - at last we have a little drop of rain, so light do not think it will do very much for our gardens and veges.  Well, that put aside my plans for weeding today.   Lots of painting hopefully now that 'job' is unable to be completed.