Friday, 16 January 2015

No.16 of 30 Days Challenge - Mountain snow miniature

Well, exhausted after yesterday and concentrated painting, slept like a log (or perhaps I should say like my cat) and forgot appointment today at 10.00 am.   Again a beautiful day - hate to say it... but the mornings do have a little touch of change, and grass is soaking wet with heavy dew.   Should not be happening so early in January, this usually occurs for us around February - does this mean a short summer?   Hope not as detest winter.  Would hate to live down in our South Island for winter, that is bad enough, let alone living in UK, USA etc - eek snow, ice, freezing cold - definitely not me.

Painting No.16.  16th Jan.
Mountain Snow miniature.  6" x 4" oil on unstretched canvas. All knife work.

Not sure why a snow scene, maybe as our temperature is so wonderfully hot, needed something to cool me down - another reason, no wine in the house probably (dieting or at least attempting to). Posted on the 30 paintings in 30 Days Challenge page at #21.  Again, limited palette used of 3 colours (plus white).

Such a long blog yesterday (painting No.15), should have added two other bits ...
  •   with all good intentions of leaving the location where was painting, it was such a great spot, and totally relaxing, but also several people drove past on a 'tiki tour' - one husband and wife lived a few bays away and offered me the front of their place to camp out if I ever needed to again.  (Wonderful offer, but not sure on the staying in van bit again!)  They asked me to pop in and say hi and see where they lived.     Due to this, did not manage to get to the plein air group's day, however lovely people and great contacts made.    Plus ...
  •  Whilst in the van for the evening, I had only put the duvet on top of mattress to make it softer to lie on (as was quite firm being a covered thick foam squab).  Had not brought blanket or cover for top of me (forgot). Only the spare sheet, which was being used as a curtain along windows.  
    Evening was quite chilly, so friend lent me his 'sort of woolley' jacket.   This I lay on top of me over the sheet, but it kept slipping off each time I moved - so that added to all the bits and pieces to keep me awake.  Decided to get up again, remember this is in a van, so quite bent over when standing up, and took duvet from under me and lay under it with duvet keeping me warmer on top - then eventually, after lights flashing and lighting up van, and putting hat over my face and sheet pulled over top of me, fell off to sleep!   Needless to say, a bit stiff yesterday morning.

From the last few days - Wattle Bay - January 2015

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