Monday, 26 January 2015

Mission Bay with Plein Air group Anniversary Day Mond 26 Jan

I am having to own up to not painting a picture today.    Have been so so so busy, with getting ready for participation in this that simply have had no time whatsoever.   Had to make up signs, do cards, get boards printed and lots more - that am totally exhausted and to even undertake this page of typing for blog is sapping last bit of energy.   

Regarding the day today at Mission Bay ......

First time we had done this.  Booked two stall places for a yearly Art and Craft Market right on the beach at Mission Bay - amazingly hot, phew.    If it had not been for one of the members Bob bringing his gazebo, think we would have melted into the ground.

Lots of people, lots of interest - we will now need to see if the interest actually turns into members.  But not to worry, everyone said they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  A couple of photos of the day.

Just set up

Bob painting

End of the Day -
Caroline, Estelle, Me, Bob and Steve.

Finished just before 4pm and then the long drive home with the traffic.  Had a fantastic day and those few who turned up for this were fantastic, talking to everyone and 'spreading the word'.

So retiring for the night, won't be early as still a few things to do, but then the welcoming wonderful comfort of a cosy bed - luxury.

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