Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Facebook 3 Paintings a Day for 5 Days ...

On my Face book page have been challenged by Bernd Huss, a wonderful bird portrait artist whom I know, to participate in the '3 images a day for 5 days posting and inviting another artist to do the same' - which is doing the rounds.

Am hunting out older paintings and will post these as well as my mountain artwork.  The challenge for me is to find 5 other artists who have not yet been asked, as most, from what I have seen, have participated.  However, have a few up my sleeve and, hopefully, they will not have been asked by the time my five days has completed.

Decided to post on day 1, three of my oils which I had undertaken quite a few years ago, when first starting out with galleries (all sold at that time) ...

Bit like network marketing, tell one, who tells another and they tell another, where does it end?    Around the world like a rocket, and surely every single artist, painter or whatever will eventually have this sent to them.   Wondered actually who thought up this absolutely crazy idea, where every person really is like a sheep - follow the leader.     Never mind as I am thankful for the wonderful wording said by Bernd about my art and to be nominated to do this by him and participate. 


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  1. Beautiful, love the long narrow format done so well.