Sunday, 18 January 2015

Virtual Paintout - each month

Oh I am excited. Yes - me!    Don't get this way about a lot of things but this one yes.   As well as finding the 30 in 30 Days challenge, have now found another.    Fantastic.

Was sort of looking at other blogs, visiting links on various ones and somewhere down the track, found this.   It is wonderful.   Once a month have a challenge of painting something from Google (and yes, this is allowed, as they have done some sort of arrangement for permission of this) and posting online.    The one I have done for January I also included as one of the paintings in painting a day for 30 days challenge (see No.12).

Oil on board 8"x12".   I seem to be getting a handle on painting smaller - quite liking doing so, as do complete so fast (at least for me, as usually takes many weeks on my larger pieces).  Once a month another painting will emerge in order for me to participate in the 'Virtual Paintout'.   Quite a challenge, but isn't that what life is all about?  This one I just called 'old building' -  Google link. 


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