First posting - the start of a blog ...

This has taken a while, thinking, then re-thinking and now at last starting a blog!  For quite a while had been unable to pick up a brush after the loss of my mother (best friend/confidante/sister and of course, mother), as had affected me tremendously and for a period of four years - nothing,  not one painting could be undertaken.    Now... at last.... back to my art.

Have been trying to paint most days now, and thought perhaps should start this blog, and to upload some paintings I had first undertaken when deciding to try my hand at plein air (painting on location). Having never done this before, was of opinion may be a way of taking me out of the 'nether world' and back to my love of painting, thereby picking up my brushes again.

Also, in an attempt to make myself get out and about (instead of the recluse I had become), thought a good idea to start a plein air painting group in Auckland as so many excuses came up when planning to go each day. Thought if I organise a group, then no choice, as have to be there.

These are some of the first plein air paintings I did - Maraetai left and trees at Karaka Bridge (2013). 

Am loving each and every trip out. May not be the best paintings, but one must start somewhere. Thought by uploading will hope to see advancement as time goes on.

The days seem to be passing, in fact the months and this year have disappeared into the 'Cloud' - not sure where - but definitely gone.  If you know how to obtain more hours in the day and not seem to get up in the morning and go to bed at night with the day passing like a few minutes, please do let me know as am sure we could bottle your answer and distribute it to everyone!

From studio work to outside on location -  a huge difference.   If you would like to join a plein air group in Auckland (NZ),  then visit


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