My start in painting plein air

Still becoming used to painting out on location and looking at a view, attempting in my own way to translate onto a canvas or a board.   Time disappears when painting and all of a sudden two paintings have been completed and the afternoon has arrived. 

One has to work very fast in order to capture the light, as shadows appear where there were none, or the sunlight shines on past shadows transforming immensely.  This is proving to be a large learning curve, and loving every second.

From my first paintings en plein air at Karaka, - Jan 2013  ....

Then three months on (April 2013)....  On canvas. Maraetai, south of Auckland with lots of knife work.

To those below which were undertaken at Arkles Bay, a little way north of Auckland.   Unstretched canvas,  with lots of knife painting and actually quite pleased with the result.

Had a great day, chatted with the locals and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The above two were purchased by a lovely American lady in the U.S. as these were the homeplace of her mother, who sadly is no longer here.


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