A little background info

Whilst living in Australia living with my lovely mother and our little Maltese dogs - ChiChi and Snoopy - was working as PA (personal assistant), and also serviced offices at Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast.

Somehow (I have no idea why/how) I started undertaking animal portraits in graphite, utilising many different strengths of pencil, and using very large magnifying glass.   Many were undertaken and loved doing.   One of these being for some lovely people in Sydney - they sent me a picture of their little dog and I undertook and couriered back to them.

Had not heard for a little while and then one day an envelope arrived with a letter from them thanking me so much for what I had done. Apparently the drawing arrived on the day when their little one had to be taken to the vets for a last visit and they were so upset could not open the package.  Eventually they did, and broke down in tears. When I read their letter, I immediately telephoned them and again they were in tears on the phone telling me what had happened.   I will always remember that moment and their lovely words for what I had done for them by giving something to them they would always cherish.

Image below is one I first undertook of ChiChi and Snoopy. Our wonderful, loving and gorgeous - little Maltese Terriers sadly no longer here.

Have come a long way from then.   A few years passed and decided to take up watercolour painting of animals.  This proceeded for a year or so and then work and life took over and the 'hectic life' of today's world put my art on the back-burner.  Started again by teaching myself oils, exhibiting in the Easter Show in Auckland and 3 years running sold each painting.  From their approached galleries and ...

now....    am full time working with my art - in oils - and loving, adoring and enjoying the challenge each artwork provides.    Started with beach scenes and pohutukawas (our lovely red flowering Christmas tree) and being one of only a couple of people painting these, a friend said to me I had probably 2-3 years before others started to copy, and she was right.  Around 3 years others were doing similar, but none had been able to replicate the way my water 'rolled' in on the sand (thank goodness as people always say how they love the way this is done - big compliment!).

A little something of what is now being undertaken in 2014 ...


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