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My start in painting plein air

Still becoming used to painting out on location and looking at a view, attempting in my own way to translate onto a canvas or a board.   Time disappears when painting and all of a sudden two paintings have been completed and the afternoon has arrived. 

One has to work very fast in order to capture the light, as shadows appear where there were none, or the sunlight shines on past shadows transforming immensely.  This is proving to be a large learning curve, and loving every second.

From my first paintings en plein air at Karaka, - Jan 2013  ....

Then three months on (April 2013)....  On canvas. Maraetai, south of Auckland with lots of knife work.

To those below which were undertaken at Arkles Bay, a little way north of Auckland.   Unstretched canvas,  with lots of knife painting and actually quite pleased with the result.

Had a great day, chatted with the locals and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The above two were purchased by a lovely American lady in the U.S. as these were t…

A little background info

Whilst living in Australia living with my lovely mother and our little Maltese dogs - ChiChi and Snoopy - was working as PA (personal assistant), and also serviced offices at Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast.

Somehow (I have no idea why/how) I started undertaking animal portraits in graphite, utilising many different strengths of pencil, and using very large magnifying glass.   Many were undertaken and loved doing.   One of these being for some lovely people in Sydney - they sent me a picture of their little dog and I undertook and couriered back to them.

Had not heard for a little while and then one day an envelope arrived with a letter from them thanking me so much for what I had done. Apparently the drawing arrived on the day when their little one had to be taken to the vets for a last visit and they were so upset could not open the package.  Eventually they did, and broke down in tears. When I read their letter, I immediately telephoned them and again they were in tears on the p…

First posting - the start of a blog ...

This has taken a while, thinking, then re-thinking and now at last starting a blog!  For quite a while had been unable to pick up a brush after the loss of my mother (best friend/confidante/sister and of course, mother), as had affected me tremendously and for a period of four years - nothing,  not one painting could be undertaken.    Now... at last.... back to my art. Have been trying to paint most days now, and thought perhaps should start this blog, and to upload some paintings I had first undertaken when deciding to try my hand at plein air (painting on location). Having never done this before, was of opinion may be a way of taking me out of the 'nether world' and back to my love of painting, thereby picking up my brushes again.

Also, in an attempt to make myself get out and about (instead of the recluse I had become), thought a good idea to start a plein air painting group in Auckland as so many excuses came up when planning to go each day. Thought if I organise a group, …